Best Fonts 2022

Font Combinations for Website 2022

In this blog we will read about:

  • Some of the best font combinations for websites in 2022 or best fonts for websites
  • What are serif, sans serif, script and display fonts 
  • How fonts evoke emotions.
The Tale of TIMES (NEW ROMAN).

Recently, I met the Head of Placements at a reputed University. It was related to a page that was created to showcase their work. Initially, he looked irritated and didn’t want to talk to me which is very very unusual cos everyone talks to me !!!

I started digging and it came down to this – “I hate TIMES NEW ROMAN and you have used it on my page”. 

Till then, I have never thought of a psychological / emotional impact a mere FONT could have on a human being. 

According to some studies (as mentioned in Discover Magazine) , Font characteristics such as style, size and color play a role in information retention or recall. This is because font design is vital to our familiarity — or unfamiliarity — with a given word, says Stephen Banham, a typography lecturer at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Experiments have demonstrated a U-shape relationship between font size and memory: Large font items may predict higher recall regardless of font style, but very small font sizes can also introduce a desirable difficulty. 


The Point is – Fonts ARE important for your website. How and Why ?

When it comes it website, clarity is most important ! The way your content is placed on the website also defines the hierarchy of your content & makes the visitor focus on important areas through Typography. It is a key element of design that complements the content you create.  

Typography is the style and appearance of language. It plays an important role in how the brand is perceived, and it should be though of during early stage of brand design.   

Types of fonts:

When deciding on the best fonts for websites, make sure they are easily readable and web-safe (A web-safe font is that functions across all browsers and devices). There are 4  main four types of typography:

Serif fonts
Sans-serif fonts
Script fonts
Display fonts

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