How to build your brand on Instagram?

Instagram is a constantly evolving application. It is not only square photo sharing app but it indulges with other complicated features. According to latest update by head of Instagram Adam Mosseri Instagram is shifting towards videos over the time. Hence, you can upload videos as a post, reels, stories or go live. 

In addition, Instagram is developing monetization tools where brands and creators can find each other for mutual benefit.

Are you also planning to generate revenue from your Instagram account or your brand profile is on Instagram but having a hard time to make sales due to less insights and followers as well?  So, you are in luck because in this article, you will get hacks to increase the engagement. 

Let’s discuss some of the questions you must ask yourself: 

Do you know your ideal customers?

You should never ignore this point to develop your business. It is very important to know the user persona of the target group such as their age, demographic, hobbies, OTT choices, their Instagram posts and stories and who do they follow on different social media platforms? In addition, which travel destinations do they prefer to go to? Are they nerdy or adventurous?

In case you are not much aware of the audience’s personality, just observe the competitor’s insta grid who are successful in a particular niche. Analyze the fonts, colors, themes and filters they are using to enhance the reach to the people.

How do you align your mission to your audience?

It is crucial to have a vision, if you are starting a brand. You should know “why” behind your business idea.

The next important strategy is to optimize your bio in consonance with your goal because your bio tells why you are worth to follow. To get massive attention and time on your website use a link as call to actionMoreover, you can encourage the audience to tag a post with the CTA. 

If you have more than one product or brand profiles, link it in bio as @profilename. Even, you can add your personal profile.

It is mandatory to match your bio with Instagram grid. It will create a clear image of your brand among clients. Instagram is all about your voice, messages and how you connect to your audience. If you are posting aesthetic visuals but it is not related to your products and services, then it can make users confused.

To categorise your product or service, use hashtags so that you can connect with a large group of audience. 

How do you craft your content?

“Content is not the king, it’s the kingdom” – Lee Odden

There are three “C” rule to design an impressive content

  • Consistency
  • Creativity
  • Congruence


Regular content posting on profile page gives you significant results in terms of trust building with your followers. Deeper the reliance you get, it converts your followers into leads, clients and customers. 

Choose the best time to post by analysing the active hours of your followers. For instance: the most people active during 8AM-9AM during weekdays (Monday-Thursday). While, weekends are the worst days to post any content.

Content calendar keeps you organized. Do not forget holidays, festivals and events during calendar designing. These are the opportunities when you can launch new products and services, contest or offer discounted prices and giveaways to users.  

You can use social media scheduling tools to save time and better management.

For example- NapoleonCat , Loomly or SproutSocial


Content is a key to communicate with your audience. Whatever you are creating, it should be relatable, inviting and welcoming. Follow a consistent theme, fonts and aesthetic pattern of posts.

 Unlike earlier, Instagram has originated various features for content posts. It is very important to make balance among feed, reels, stories, video and live. Keep updating your knowledge and use advanced features. 

Show your creativity in the form of educational, entertaining and motivational posts. Educational posts engage the people who are keen to learn new things. Moreover, your product and service-related content should tell them how it is solving their big problems.

To give a mind break to users, create entertaining content by following the viral trends or post behind the scene (BTS) shots on stories. On the contrary, nothing can beat your original ideas. 

There are massive audience on Instagram who likes inspirational feeds. For such type of crowd, post motivational quotes. On the occasion of international women’s day, post an inspiring story of your female employee. 

Develop a story-based post or carousel which evokes curiosity.


On Instagram, you can promote either personal or professional brands. In your personal brand, you use your name and face so it is easy to show yourself as you are. Moreover, you can choose the traits which can vibe with your audience to create content.

Influencer marketing is a new marketing strategy and it is blooming over the time. To endorse the brand, hire an influencer or celebrity with who target group can identify.

When the personality of influencer match with brand image it leads to credibility and advertising effectiveness.  For example: Virat kohli endorses sports brand Puma which increases conversion rate of customers.  

Furthermore, create your brand image in such a way that it should match with the target group’s self-image. Develop graphics and captions after analysing the customer’s psychology. This would create an emotional connection with the brand, leading to the establishment of positive brand attitudes and greater purchase intention. 

User Generated Content (UGC)

When your fans and followers create content for your brand it is called user generated content. How do users capture your brand aesthetically? You have to encourage your users to make content by using your brand and send it to you so that you can post it on your profile. 

For example: Apple inspires people to click the pictures and tag them by using #shotoniphone.

News Jacking 

It is an interesting way to advertise your brand. Just take the advantage of current events based on local, national and international news stories to get publicity. 

Follow your senses and creativity to produce content by using trending news. You should know which particular news is beneficial for brand exposure and how you can tweak the information to create an interesting content? 

For example: Amul creates stories based on current events whether it was post when Neeraj Chopra won gold in Olympics or Deepika-Ranveer marriage event.

Deepika Padukone+ Ranveer Singh
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